New jersey native, Bonnie has been a licensed cosmetologist for 38 years. She has owned her salon Splashes Beautique for 24 years. Bonnie is not just the owner of the salon, but also an operator and manager. Prior to Bonnie's career in cosmetology, she invented, and patented Bottle Pals. Inventing this toy led her to win the 1993 Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and was inducted into the Inventors Hall Of Fame.


Bonnie takes great pride as an artist and is constantly challenging herself and her staff to educate themselves with the latest technologies in new  hair coloring and hair cutting techniques. She believes education is knowledge and knowledge is creative power.

In Bonnie's 38 years of her career, she had learned to master modifications, and styling. this is where she commands a razor sharp mastery, however, with her precision cutting, an area that demands my vision with paying attention to details.


She enjoys working out, sewing, and spending time with her Grandchildren Pauli and Bella. When Bonnie is not in her office or creating styles in the salon, you will most likely find her outside at the stables enjoying her Frisian horse Zaaike. Overall she enjoys their company and finds they're a peaceful and loving way to bring the family together. 


At Splashes "We begin by listening" 

*Due to the extra cost for PPE's to ensure the well being of both customers and staff, and an increase in distributors prices, there was a $2.00 price increase on all service.

*No promotional specials at this time.

We require 24 hours notice for canceled appointments, failure to due so will result in a $20+ fee.

We appreciate your understanding during these times.

Splashes Salon

161 E. Main St.

Tuckerton N.J. 08087

(609) 294-8797

Saturday  & Sunday       9-4

Monday                         closed

Tuesday                           9- 6

Wednesday, Thursday   9-8

 Friday                              9- 6